Dr. Dang provides a wide range of surgical procedures for the treatment of conditions ranging from Ingrown Nails to Melanoma. She is a fellowship trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeon and has performed thousands of skin cancer removals and reconstructions. Her extensive knowledge of the skin allows her to minimize scarring and achieve the best cosmetic results possible.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a state-of-the-art treatment for skin cancer in which Dr. Dang serves as the surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon. Mohs Micrographic Surgery relies on the accuracy of a map of the diseased tissue area and the precision of a microscope to trace out and ensure complete removal of the skin cancer down to its roots.

Skin Cancer Surgery

When Mohs Micrographic Surgery is not used, Excisional Surgery is the most common procedure used to remove skin cancers. During this procedure Dr. Dang uses a scalpel to remove the entire growth along with a surrounding border of apparently normal skin as a safety margin. She then closes the skin around the surgery site with sutures. The tissue she removes is sent to the laboratory to verify that all cancer cells have been removed.

General Surgery

Not all surgery requires that there be a skin cancer involved. There are many other conditions that can warrant removal by surgery. Some common growths that are removed are cysts, lipomas, and dermatofibromas. During these procedures Dr. Dang uses a scalpel to remove the growth, sends the tissue for pathological evaluation, and closes the wound using sutures.

Nail Surgery

Chronic nail conditions can be very painful and bothersome. One of the most common conditions that people seek surgical treatment for is Ingrown Nails. During this procedure Dr. Dang removes all or part of the affected nail. Dr. Dang also performs biopsies of the nail bed and nail matrix.

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