Contour TRL-Full Field Laser Resurfacing

As we age the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants take their toll on our skin, creating wrinkles and pigment irregularities. Full Field Laser Resurfacing using the Contour TRL can be very successful at reducing or eliminating these conditions, and in fact is the best way to address the problematic lines that occur around the mouth and eyes. Though there are several different lasers that are used to resurface the skin, the Contour TRL is widely regarded as the safest and most effective.

Contour TRL safely removes a layer of skin to a depth determined by you and Dr. Dang. The depth of treatment depends on the skin condition you are treating, your desired outcome, and your expectations for downtime. Because the Contour TRL can treat tissue with micron precision, Dr. Dang can treat your skin with the exact amount of energy needed. Treating skin with a laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, which improves the skin’s thickness and resilience. The skin surface will also re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, which will give your skin a younger rejuvenated appearance.

Prior to the treatment your eyes will be protected and your skin will be cleansed. The comfort level of patients who are treated with the Contour TRL vary greatly. Some patients are able to tolerate the treatment with topical anesthetic alone, while others need topical and subcutaneous local anesthetic.

Immediately following the procedure you will be red, like you suffered a severe sunburn, swollen and uncomfortable. These are all normal effects. Complete healing after the Contour TRL depends largely on the depth of treatment. The top layer of the skin typically re-grows about one week post treatment and at this time you will be able to see improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance of wrinkles. Deep laser treatments also stimulate the growth of new collagen for 4-6 months post treatment.

It is important for patients to avoid sun exposure until the skin is fully healed, which can be done with sunscreen and a hat when going outdoors.

Conditions that can be treated with Contour TRL include:

  • Deep Wrinkles (even in hard to treat areas around the mouth and eyes)
  • Scars
  • Solar Spots
  • Poor Skin Tone/Texture
  • Actinic Keratoses

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